The Farm Fund invests in carbon smart agriculture.

Benefit from returns through the purchase and protection of Canadian agricultural land. The Farm Fund buys and protects farmland to increase yields and natural capital through soil centric farming practices that sequester carbon and improve fertility.


F2 Inc. Farm Fund

Agricultural practices are a major contributor to climate change, and also the simplest solution to reverse it.

Protect the farmland we are loosing and diversify your portfolio with appreciating agricultural land.

Keep farmers growing by investing in small and mid-sized family farms with The Farm Fund.

Find out more about The Farm Fund, a unique and scaleable Impact Investment Fund that acquires and protects farmland.

Our farmers add value by applying a high standard of soil care to remove carbon from the atmosphere and return it to the soil as a nutrient. Low input, high yield modern farming for a fertile future.

Agricultural land is a tangible investment that has benefitted from double-digit appreciation in Ontario over the past decade. This unique asset class generates cash flow from lease payments as it appreciates.

Our measurable impacts include:

  1. improved soil health for record yields and carbon sequestration,
  2. healthy ecosystems that produce clean air and water,
  3. increased farm and soil bio-diversity,
  4. diverse profitable farm revenues improve the lives and communities of farmers,
  5. return on investment!


It’s Important

Farming for soil health presents a powerful solution to remove carbon from our atmosphere and increase yields and fertility.

When chemistry is replaced with biology pollutants become nutrients. Healthy soils, teaming with microbes and fungi feed plant roots which absorb excess carbon, nitrogen and water; pollutants in the air and nutrients in the soil. Nature is a wonder, with the help of the sun and photosynthesis, active soils become filters to produce clean air and water.

Empower farmers with stable investment, long-term access to land and succession planning. Support organic and ecological farm transitions for continuous growth of profitable modern farming systems that promote diversity and enrich soils.

Our investors benefit from financial returns and environmental services while contributing to a resilient food system that reverses climate change and improves the lives of Ontario farmers.


Our Team Of Partners

Anahita Belanger

Before Anahita learned that regenerative agriculture could save the world, she spent twenty years leading business development and strategic planning for progressive social enterprises and the largest food companies in the world.

Anahita brings her passion for biology and transformative change to the Canadian agricultural sector to reverse climate change.

Anahita and the talented partners she collaborates with, know that diverse family farms and large commercial operations can profitably reverse climate change while increasing biodiversity and most importantly soil fertility through modern climate-smart agriculture.

The best farmers in the world farm for soil and farm biodiversity, and we now know agriculture is the simplest way to reverse climate change.

Allan Yuan

Allan is a visionary professor associated with Tsinghua University, China’s top University located in Beijing. He is also an inspired business strategy consultant working with leading private and public companies across China.

What sets Allan apart from other researchers, lecturers and consultants is his depth of experience implementing flawless, strategic execution. Allan is focused on achieving global market transformation in the Agricultural and Environmental Protection sectors.

Together Allan and Anahita are passionate about increasing awareness and initiating massive action with Modern Restorative Farming Systems in Canada and China.

A very special thank you to Alan Levine; a communications expert, seasoned business leader and successful entrepreneur who has is also committed urban farmer.

Alan has generously provided his valuable time, energy and enthusiasm to bring clarity to the planning and development phase of this fund.


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